Rx.pl - Reactive Extensions for Perl - (hebrew)

This video is in English.
Length: 56:06
Source: Israeli Perl Mongers on the 2013-05-25.
Speaker: Ran Eilam


A library for composing async programs. Because writing async code is hard, but working with Perl lists is easy. Lets turn events into lists, and reap the benefits:

  • Elegant async programming without callback nesting, using operators we all know from working with Perl lists

  • Managing and coordinating events, e.g. start an HTTP request when timeout on key press if previous HTTP request was OK and arrived in the last 10 seconds

  • Programming with stream transformations, instead of objects and methods- say hello to beautiful functional designs with well defined state and side-effects . Replace boring UML diagrams with fun marble diagrams

  • Stop writing and rewriting retry, timeout, throttle, buffer, window, counters, caching, and aggregate functions for each project. Instead create your processes as observables, then enjoy a rich library of existing operators