Perl Data Language (PDL)

This video is in English.
Length: 22:53
Source: NLPW - Nederlandse Perl Workshop 2014 on the 2014-04-25.
Speaker: Jan Hoogenraad

A small primer there on what PDL is, and for who.

  • What exists outside perl: matlab / octave, c/c++, numpy, R, mathematica / maxima
  • Benefits of Perl as basis compared to other languages (regexp, I/O, data cleaning, flexio)
  • Great performance
  • Known uses and library stacks based on PDL taken from here.
  • A solution of running this in a multiple processor environment.
  • Some examples of what Spoorgloren uses it for.

A large part of the work that need to be done even before the scientific analysis is cleaning up bad data. For this Perl is much better than the other languages (FORTRANT/Pascal/C/C++/Matlab) used by scientists.

slides in pdf