Once More Unto the Beach

This video is in English.
Length: 33:08
Source: London Perl Workshop 2010 on the 2010-12-04.
Speaker: Hakim Cassimally (osfameron)

Recorded at the London Perl Workshop 2010

"A loaf of bread," the Walrus said, "Is what we chiefly need: Pepper and vinegar besides Are very good indeed-- Now if you're ready, Oysters dear, We can begin to feed."

True oysters of the group /Ostreidae/ include the edible kind, favoured not only by Walruses (and Carpenters) but also connoisseurs of seafood all over the world, including London. These oysters definitely provide flavour.

But it's another (mostly unrelated) family /Pteriidae/, where we sometimes find Pearls. Pearls grow from irritations; recently the NorthWestEngland perlmongers invited proposals for a project to adopt for the hackday. Some of them were about irritations with Perl's current tools, and about how to improve them. One of these -- the repetitive, laborious provisioning of web-servers -- led to one of the projects adopted for the next year "Oyster - an incubator for Perls in the Cloud". We'll look at the hackday, which took place a fortnight before LPW, and look at the outcome, the technologies, and the people, the community that helped make it happen.