Lightning Talks YAPC::NA 2013 - Tuesday

This video is in English.
Length: 58:27
Source: YAPC::NA 2013 on the 2013-06-04.
Speaker: Many different people

Lightning Talks Day 2

0:00-2:20 JT Smith - Build a start up!

(2:38-3:30 beer invitation and job ad)

(3:38-4:00 Wendy announcing visit to the Wooden Nickel company)

(4:25-5:00 Texas Yihaa)

5:30-11:00 Henry Van Styn (vanstyn) - RapidApp Application framework based on Perl, Catalyst, ExtJs, DBIC Live Demo!

(11:00-11:40 A call for bat watching)

11:40-17:30 Mike Greb (mikegrb) - Monitoring EMS/Fire Dispatch w/ Perl Audio::Analyzer Live demo at Galloway now

Andrew Dougherty (aindilis) - Free software social artificial intelligence

Adam Dutko (StylusEater) - Introduction to Jenkins/Hudson

Martin Holste (mcholste) - Simple, Scalable Web Services with Parallel Recursion

Jason McIntosh - Just Make Your Thing

Tommy Stanton (tstanton) - Mojo::DOM: XML parsing is fun again!

Ingy döt Net (ingy) - RosettaCode is on GitHub

Perrin Harkins (perrin) - A Fond Goodbye to