Introduction to the Perl Data Language (PDL)

This video is in English.
Length: 51:22
Source: YAPC::NA 2012 on the 2012-06-13.
Speaker: David Mertens (run4flat) speaker

David Mertens is one of the core contributors to PDL. The first 28 minutes of is an introductory talk, mostly based on the PDL Book written by Karl Glazebrook. After that David Mertens answers questions and provides pointers for resources.

The source of the talk is available on GitHub.

Some Notes

The example is the Luminosity distribution of a Galaxy, of a star and near the end of the talk (starting at about 40:30) he talks about visualizing blood glucose readings.

PDL provides 2 main things to Perl:

Speed and Compact data storage.

Because loops are running in C and data is stored in C variables.

If you are writing a for loop it is a sign that you are doing something wrong and it is time to send an e-mail to the PDL mailing list.

PDL has support for bad numbers.