Introduction to DBIx::Class

This video is in English.
Length: 32:21
Source: Salt Lake Perl Mongers on the 2013-06-11.
Speaker: Doran Barton speaker

Doran Barton's presentation is a brief introduction to DBIx::Class, Perl's incredible ORM module.

The Salt Lake Perl Mongers group, recently revived, currently meets the second Tuesday of each month in space provided by Bluehost.

The presentation starts with a short review of what is DBI. Then he gives an overview of DBIx::Class and then shows how to build the database part of a small blog engine.

The slides are also available to make it easier to follow the presentation.


  • Abstraction layer between code and database
  • "Easy" to migrate code from one RDBMS to another. In theory


ORM = Object Relational Mapper

  • Database tables become objects
  • Table data and relationships between tables become object methods

Example ORMs

  • Hibernate (Java)
  • SQLAlchemy (Python)
  • CakePHP (PHP)
  • DBIx::Class (Perl) (also called DBIC)