Code Reuse in a Non-Blocking Application

This video is in English.
Length: 25:29
Source: Mojoconf 2014 on the 2014-05-24.
Speaker: Joel Berger speaker

When we write blocking applications code reuse is easy: abstract the logic and encapsulate it in a method. Why should this be any different in a non-blocking application? In this talk I will demonstrate how to use Mojo::IOLoop::Delay to write methods to share non-blocking logic between parts of your non-blocking Mojolicious application. With a little care, you can easily control workflow, exceptions, nested non-blocking method calls, even make your methods work in a blocking application.

Of course this talk will require Mojolicious. It will also use the spin-off project Mango as a non-blocking interface to MongoDB. It may use the very young project Mandel as an Object Document Mapper (ODM) for Mongo. If you would like to play along, bring a laptop with this software installed. Hope to see you there! Happy Perling!


Fun Quote: "We like not repeating ourselves as we have already heard from several of the talks."