Asynchronous programming FTW!

This video is in English.
Length: 38:03
Source: YAPC::EU 2012 on the 2012-08-20.
Speaker: SawyerX

First Sawyer tries to help one of his family members to pick a movie, and then writes down the algorithm using WWW::Mechanize.

Then he explains what are callbacks and shows code how WWW::Mechanize would work if it allowed asynchronous operations.

Then he shows Juno a testing library that works in an asynchornous way and Algotighm::Diff::Callback which is an asynchronous version of Algotighm::Diff to compare two data structures. Giving you the control via callbacks.

IOC - Inversion of Control

Explaining what Asynchronous programming - just and event loop.

Then there are examples using IO::Async, POE, Reflex (which like POE just using Moose), and AnyEvent.

Also check out WWW::xkcd.